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1 session


6 sessions

at £52 each


12 sessions

at £67 each

Breathing sessions are offered at one of the studio locations or virtually. The breathing program is specialised to your health goals.

This is a healing practice that is solely focused on the breath. Over thousands of years, it is known that “breath is life” and the most powerful and influential part of the physical body.


The way you breathe, determines how well the millions of bodily functions operate moment to moment, as the breath is the origin and beginning of life. So all other physical and mental components grew from the breath. If the breath is restricted in any way, so is the body. Therefore changing the breath heals body and mind. (Breath sweeps mind)

It has been said by many wise beings that embryonic or embryological breathing is the secret to longevity and vitality. From Wayne’s personal experience, breathing is the most fundamental element of life and a practice that society has forgotten.

Embryonic breathing can assist with any known mental, emotional, physical and or spiritual challenge that exists, as the breath is the root of all.

Breathing Techniques

To book your breathing session, call Wayne. 07523 109288

David H.

I worked with Wayne for seven weeks, and was truly transformed and put back into alignment on so many levels~ I lost a total of 30 lbs (while getting stronger) in my time with Wayne & another 10 lbs in the months following after going back home (to Indiana). In addition to the holistic lifestyle (nutritional, spiritual, emotional) the exercise and movement work bring it all together to create lasting and dramatic results-- It's hard to do justice to the work they're doing with these words in this review, but I will say that the experience, knowledge, & wisdom is guaranteed to change your life! The question is do YOU have what it takes to show up?!



Wayne and his program have completely changed my life! Total mind, body, soul integration. Not only do I feel better health wise, my aches & pains have gone away, but I can see my strength, balance & stability significantly increase.I feel powerful and more connected then I thought possible. On top of that he is a true healer mentally as well if you are open to his words of wisdom. I cannot say how grateful I am for Wayne and his work with me.

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