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Watch the Free De-Stress Video


Below is your free video on "Overcoming Stress Through Breathing Practices."  

The techniques in this video will teach you how to de-stress and get immediate effects. These breathing practices, if practices daily, will immensely alleviate any anxiety and stress.


Spend time on yourself and fill your body with healing and healthy breath. To learn more modalities or practices in health, check out more videos.


Correct Your Joint Pains

Receive an esoteric program and get to work 1:1 with Wayne Daniels on a journey of healing your back and joint pains for good.


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Foundation of a Functional Lifestyle

Changing our ways does not have to be stressful or seem impossible. Having an experienced guide who can meet you where you are at makes a difference.


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Through Wayne's programs, he taught me that living healthy is a lifestyle not an event. This made it super easy for me to lose those extra pounds, overcome stress and eat optimally.

Tina H

Smiling Man

Went to Wayne with a broken body and tired mind. Within weeks my body began to heal, which brought about a peace of mind like I've never known. Wayne's knowledge, experience and integrity has proven invaluable in my pursuit of optimal living.

Mike C


Amazing self transformation after spending over a year with Master Daniels!! I am forever grateful of your guidance, teaching and connection. Much love Wayne!!

Jason A

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