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Holistic Approach

To start, Wayne will give you a biomechanical and holistic assessment, which determines the physical issues that need addressing and lifestyle overview. This approach enables Wayne to design a bespoke programme that will help you reach your health goals. With the various modalities Wayne uses, such as embrayonic breathing, stretching, and postural exercises combined will have positive impact for your body, mind and life.

The best part of getting started is just having a conversation with Wayne. He can guide you and help arrange the best approach for you.

As a special offer for new clients, we will include a complimentary exercise ball with your purchase.


Jason S

No more pain in my mid back and better posture! I know my journey has just begun but I fully trust Wayne at the helm. Please, before you think all is lost give this man a chance. He will give you the tools to fix your life!


Nicole R

Wayne Daniels is a genius. He will teach you how to use your body in a way you've never felt before. If you are tired of the mindless weight-lifting and want to learn how to really use your body to its full capabilities then Wayne is your guy.


George C

Working with Wayne is worth its weight in gold. Whether you are just looking to heal a broken down knee or heal a broken heart from the inside out, he is open to meet your needs wherever you are.

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