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Meet Wayne Daniels

Wayne Daniels is a comprehensive holistic health and exercise kinesiologist, which means …

Your results are not only to become pain free, but acquire valuable tools, simple practices and essential knowledge to maintain a pain-free and healthy lifestyle into the future so you can live optimally until your last days. 


Wayne’s methods go beyond the long established and standardized methods that do not cut the mustard. If you have been to doctors, physio therapists, chiropractors and personal trainers and you still are having pain or not performing optimal health this is where people know and trust Wayne to step in.


If you are ready to get out of pain, enhance your capacity to live longer and just function at a higher level in any area of your life, Wayne’s programs can accomplish your health goals. Just come see for yourself.  Wayne helps not only corporate and individuals, but personal trainers, chiropractors, physical therapists and doctors hire Wayne to teach and assist in healing their body too.

About Wayne's Program - Wayne Daniels
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I threw my back out have been plagued with back pain. I've tried everything, physical therapists, chiropractor, anti-inflammatory pills and acupuncture, all to no avail. In 6 sessions, I can honestly say I can already see a huge improvement in my physical health. I just did Jiu jitsu classes completely pain free. No more pain in my mid back and better posture! I fully trust Wayne at the helm. Please, before you think all is lost, give this man a chance. Wayne will give you the tools to fix your life!

Jason S.


Wayne and his program have completely changed my life! Total mind, body, soul integration. Not only do I feel better health wise, my aches & pains have gone away, but I can see my strength, balance & stability significantly increased. I feel powerful and more connected then I thought possible. I cannot say how grateful I am for Wayne and his work with me.

Caroline W.


I run, hike, cycle and engage in other vigorous sporting activities enjoyably and pain-free, far more so than the vast majority of my peers. I attribute much of this capacity to Wayne's exercise programs and his complementary health and nutrition advice. Wayne truly understands the mechanics and systems of the human body and his customized exercise programs can truly help you significantly improve your physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing

Greg C

Must hear Wayne's Story and how it turned his life around and now a successful holistic healing master.

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