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Physical Assessment


90 minute assessment


with a purchase of exercise program

Requires you to be in person at one of my studios in the UK.

90 min physical assessment consists of muscle range of motion testing, postural and spinal measurements, analysis of movement abilities and physical conditions that may be present. I explain my findings, lay-out solutions and give you a complete overview of the potential possibilities and plan for restoration and healing.

The assessment is a prerequisite for the exercise programs.

If you suffer with back, hip, knee, shoulder or neck pain, or you have movement difficulties, adverse postural changes or even breathing and digestive challenges, this assessment is for you. At the very least, it’s insightful, educational and gives you valuable understanding on your conditions.

Before booking the physical assessment with Wayne, please contact him first for a conversation. Wayne is interested in giving you best care possible. Schedule a call with Wayne.

Exercise programs


Wayne truly understands the mechanics and systems of the human body and his customized exercise programs can truly help you significantly improve your physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing - whether you are an athlete looking for a competitive edge, someone recovering from an injury or, like me, someone who wants to stay physically active and refuses to accept that reaching middle age requires you to stop doing the physical activities you love.  Greg C

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