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The ‘Fix Me Doctor’ Mentality Is Breaking Down Our Health

On the surface, we all understand what we need to be healthy. Diet and exercise. By living a health-conscious life we can obtain a youthful look and feeling. We can maintain our body from decay and atrophy. So why it is so hard? What makes us not maintain our health? We all want to be healthy, vibrant and looking younger.

In the UK, a recent study by Kantar's Public division shows 37% exercise or play sport at least once a week. Where 17% of people are a member of a health or fitness centre. An alarming low rate of 13% say they exercise regularly.

Kantar gives an upside to their studies. Over the last 10 years, the healthy food options and alternative health methods have increased. This in turn has people becoming aware of their health.

How would we know how to be healthy when we have not been educated in our schools? Schools are doing their best to educate our children but missing the mark on teaching true health. Even the amount of physical training classes has lessened over recent years.

That brings us to our healthcare system.

First off, good luck getting an expedited appointment for any ailments you have. You will not get an education on how to stay healthy. What we get is our healthcare system administering protocols (band aids) that treat symptoms and have us keep coming back to fix a problem.

Yet, that's the model that works for them financially. In the process, very few gets the results they are seeking.

It is what I call a ‘fix me doctor’ mentality. This is relying on a doctor to heal us and show us the way of our own health.

Usually a doctor will help our symptoms by saying “take these pills to help relieve your pain."

Or "Go and see this specialist for possible surgery.” But Doc, "how about educating me on the root cause of my pain and prescribing methods that work?"

Relying on someone else can cause more dis-ease. Heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune issues and cancer have been on the rise for too many decades to count.

My clients who have been to the doctor go to help resolve their pains and sicknesses. More times than not, my client's symptoms worsen, and other symptoms arise. This treatment is temporary relief. Finding the real solution has to be sought outside of the medical mentality if you want permanent change.

Not saying that doctors and the medical system are terrible and avoid them completely. There are cases where a doctor is needed. And a quick fix to alleviate the pain is helpful. What I am saying is not to become dependent on the doctor.

Most doctors do not study or practice nutrition or give lifestyle coaching. They are taught to help with the problem at hand. They are well versed in the type of drugs to give you. Doctors can recommend surgeries and specialists. When on the doctor and surgery path, more than likely, you remain within their system and end up dependent on them.

The doctor cannot breathe for you, meditation for you, sleep for you, think for you or feel what you are feeling. It is up to you to seek out a genuine health practitioner. Educate yourself and find the healing modalities that work.

I personally have not seen a doctor in 25 years. I realized by having a doctor, even if I never used him/her, I'd still be subconsciously reliant. By choosing to completely cut off, I take full responsibility of my own health and well-being.

I have been through some quite horrendous healings. Within that time, I found the doctor within. I have become experienced enough to teach, guide and support others to their healing. After all, isn't the true definition of an authentic doctor is one that has healed themselves first? You do not have to ditch your doctor.

There is Good news. There is a way to teach you holistic health and how to heal yourself. Over my self-healing I created the esoteric health program. You will get one-on-one coaching on exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. This is to empower you to acquire health on a deeper level. Plus teaches you to avoid pain and disease for rest of your days.

After all, we only have this one life opportunity to get it right. To live well, I've discovered the one most important prerequisite. Health!


Wayne Daniels is a holistic health practitioner, spending 22 years studying and discovering whole body healing methods. Pioneering a healing program without surgery or doctor visits, Wayne has inspired and helped heal himself, his clients, family, friends and numerous others on a path of comprehensive health, fitness and healing.

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