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Suffering in Self Isolation

Do you sometimes have an underlying fear about this pandemic, not just contracting the virus, but the sudden enforcement of rules and restrictions that have been imposed?

Does it not make you feel your genuine right to be human is being lost and your freedom is ebbing away?

From my perspective, I am very concerned about what the future holds for us all, as I believe some of these changes are here to stay, if not as rules, certainly as ingrained behavior.

Doing anything for a period fosters habits, which then become routines, that if not consciously challenged, will remain.

Even if these rules are lifted, how many will still wear masks, socially distance and get into patterns of staying apart from one another? What about the stores, stations and other public places that have adopted mandatory one way sheeple systems, screens that separate, forceful signs of compliance, rules that say hands of products, not to mention intentionally avoiding one another as we pass by.

This is affecting us at a deeper subconscious level and not just an everyday living issue. The drastic changes have heightened our fear levels and have far-reaching psychological implications that can already be witnessed. Separation anxiety, family squabbles, lost jobs and businesses, poor health, depression and suicides have all been on the increase since this plan-demic kicked in.

Any change of circumstance that cannot be properly accepted and understood will cause a fight or flight reaction and a sense of panic. The body and mind are now in a sympathetic state or simply put, a breakdown mode. We can debate about whether it’ll go back to normal or if these changes are justified or not, but the real concern is how will it affect us individually.

The experience of social distancing and not being able to commune, connect and enjoy one another’s company has affected us all. Remember the story of Robinson Crusoe? When he was shipwrecked and entirely on his own. Then in the movie Castaway, where he was also alone talking to a ball?

Being separate from others long enough will cause a disconnect within ourselves and a sense of loss. We need one another to mirror our own sense of belonging. Otherwise mental health deteriorates and spirit progressively declines. Prisons self isolate prisoners as a form of punishment. Those prisoners who experienced it said, it's one of the most fearful and lonely times they have known.

I claim this self isolation is a prison. It is causing great societal suffering. We the people, have the power to change it before we become so lost that apathy becomes the new normal. And we end up disillusioned and disconnected from ourselves that we don't give a damn and carry on doing what we're told.

Could it be, this world is becoming a prison with coercion, control and manipulation from the dictators, enslaving ourselves, and the true meaning of life? What being human wholeheartedly represents is dying.

It’s time to reevaluate our position. Take a firm stance and rise up to meet and defeat this self-fulfilling prophecy of human decline. It is our responsibility and birthright to own our freedom, sense of sovereignty and reclaim our nobody will do it for us!


About the Author

Wayne Daniels is a comprehensive holistic health and exercise coach. His life purpose is to educate and bring a healthy lifestyle to every person offering valuable tools, simple practices and essential knowledge to maintain a pain-free and healthy lifestyle.


To find out more about how you can live your life through optimal health and heal your body, email Wayne at

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