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The Foundation To Self-Healing

As a nation, we need to enhance our health more than ever. Statistics and the consensus denote, we are becoming unhealthier at an alarming rate. Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune issues and everyday illnesses and ailments are on the rise.

The Cancer Research in the UK states that "every two minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer. There are around 367,000 new cancer cases in the UK every year, that's around 1,000 every day."

The British Heart Foundation says that there is an average of 460 people per day that die of heart disease; that's nearly 170,000 deaths each year. It is not only for the elderly. There are 44,000 people who die each year under the age of 75.

Let's talk about diabetes. The amount of people who have Type 2 diabetes keeps growing and by 2030 there will be 5.5 million people in the UK with diabetes. Compared with today's 4.7 million people with diabetes. These figures came from the Diabetes UK.

We have to be curious about this growth for each of the major diseases. Even if you are one of the people with one of these diseases, the body is brilliant and will heal itself with the right mindset and willingness.

The nation's health does not look like it will be changing in the near future. The healthcare system is conducting business as usual.

The best person to help heal us is ourselves. It takes listening to our bodies and minds. It is a choice to heal our physical ailments, stinking thinking and emotional unrest.

I for one, know it’s not easy to make a decision to live a life of healing oneself. For centuries self-healing and conscious health and well-being was unknown. Most of us grew up with unhealthy habits and behaviors.

What I call the “fix me” doctor mentality. It is why we are challenged to cultivate what authentic health truly means. From the get-go, we are programmed to give ourselves to a medical system that treats symptoms. In turn, we relinquish opportunity for self-care and mindful embodiment.

There is nobody to blame. My parents, peers and society in general, did not understand authentic health. It’s rather like the blind leading the blind.

Embodiment can be an unusual term. Some find it difficult to put meaning as it’s not part of our societal learning process.

Firstly, embodiment is not treating symptoms. It is mastering the art of inner healing as one integrated system.

Embodiment = Wholeness.

Treating symptoms only focuses on isolating the issue. Embodiment heals the issue within the whole. Maybe you have heard the concept? Managing the whole person rather than the individual problem.

Physical issues of any kind have mental, emotional and spiritual components to them. That my brothers and sisters, is the true meaning of embodiment.

Take back pain as an example. It’s not just a spinal problem. It is in direct relationship with the following;

  • Gastrointestinal (stomach) disturbances

  • An inhibited breathing patterns

  • Muscle imbalances

  • Nerve entrapment

  • A state of mind

What you think manifests with the body?

This video briefly goes over what happens with disease.

To look into your health at a deeper level, just need to book a call with Wayne.

The good news is, all those separate issues can be dealt with all at once, as embodiment. The initial step is to distinguish your views and beliefs on health to create change.

Most of your ailments, illnesses and diseases derived from the mind. This has a direct effect that corresponds to your overall health.

A mentor once said, “to be ignorant of the body, is to be ignorant of health.”

By applying new knowledge of your health will help give you a new lifestyle practice.

Human components are one whole system, this is the foundation of embodiment. Once we understand our humanness, we will hold the wisdom to heal any isolated problem.

Don't dis your old habits, negative thoughts or unhealthy behaviours. Having awareness of these old habits is the first step into embodiment. Then working through your old habits can be transformational. Your lifetime of deep-rooted habits will turn into valuable lessons. And that's how to start building your foundation of a longer life.

Learning embodiment will allow us to self-heal and take charge of our own life.

Seeking out a guide was important and vital to my healing. Without a guide it would have taken me longer to my new lifestyle. An effective guide will have had experienced a healthy life journey. Then them meeting you where you are to expedite the embodiment process.

Having lived in embodiment for 22 years has enabled me to design a pioneering method. The method is meant to be custom, be attainable, and enjoyable. So, you are able to be healthy for the rest of your life.

Our past life experiences do not determine our future. A healthy lifestyle is achievable no matter where we come from. If there is a willingness and desire to "age younger," heal your body, and avoid any major disease, you can.

Now, I share the healing gifts with others to help them become whole and healthy.

Three simple steps;

1. Assess the body to determine your specific challenges.

2. Daily stretching, proper sleep, nutrition and breathing/meditation.

3. Exercise two times per week for at least 12 weeks to see results.

Health and well-being are a lifelong journey. With guidance and support, it can prevent degeneration and major health problems later in life.


Wayne Daniels is a holistic health practitioner, spending 22 years studying and discovering whole body healing methods. Pioneering a healing program without surgery or doctor visits, Wayne has inspired and helped heal himself, his clients, family, friends and numerous others on a path of comprehensive health, fitness and healing.

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