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The one important factor about your health

Have you ever considered that your health levels are directly linked to and relative to your ‘ideas of health’?

If you have little knowledge and rely on a doctor for health, the chances are you will not be as healthy as someone who has knowledge and chooses to take care of their health and be more of their own doctor.

Being your own doctor essentially means having holistic health knowledge and corresponding lifestyle over allopathic or medical knowledge and practices.

No doctor can sleep for you, breathe for you, eat for you, exercise for you and certainly not think for you, although if you have not yet started your own health journey, you may well believe that he/she can.

In better looking after ourselves, we experience genuine and sustainable health benefits that feel authentic. We inherently know that our endeavours are effective and the worry of wondering if it’ll work is allayed.

Then we come to learn what health truly represents, which ultimately means being responsible and facing our health challenges, rather than passing them over to someone else to fix.

After all, how well can that model really work?

Perhaps one of the most important pieces of knowledge we learn is appreciating that health is not just a physical concern, but has mental, emotional and spiritual components too. In knowing this invaluable piece of information, we learn that the mind and emotions play a part in our health, thus can get to the root of our health issues and ‘heal’ rather than treat them.

If we don't know the mind plays a fundamental part in our health issues, they will never be fully resolved, but merely suppressed deeper within the body only to reappear later down the road.

Perhaps the main reason why most older people have such poor health is the fact they never properly dealt with the many ailments and illnesses throughout their lives and the gradual accumulation finally bursts at the seams.

It’s easy to believe that when a sickness or pain syndrome finally goes away, like a cold, flu, tonsillitis, back pain etc, it has been remedied for good, although most of the time the symptoms have been suppressed so the ‘energy imprint’ or ‘story of sickness’ still remains.

Embracing and learning from a sickness through mental and emotional immersion, rather than hoping and waiting for it to go away, offers a far better opportunity to permanently resolve or heal it, than to temporarily suppress it.

Life is a boomerang and what goes around, comes around. We get away with nothing scot free, so one way or another we have to face our issues head on or pay the price later.

Maybe the next time you have an ailment or illness you may consider some valuable pointers. How and why did this health challenge show up?

  • How well have you been sleeping and at what time? (10pm to 6am being the optimum)

  • What quality foods and water have you been ingesting?

  • Do you exercise, breathe, stretch, meditate?

  • How much time do you spend in nature, especially bare foot? (One of the powerful healing methods)

  • Would your bad habits and addictions have a bearing? (we all have them)

  • How do you really feel about yourself?

  • Are most of your thoughts negative?

  • Do you wholeheartedly love yourself or Is there self loathing and lack of self worth?

  • Does the life you live have a greater purpose to it or are you, for the most part, just existing and getting by?

The list could go on, although those alone are more than enough to analyze and address.

I have come to understand that good health is an inside job and the only authentic way to truly be free of our issues is to own them rather than passing them on for another to fix.

How well can you love yourself if you cannot be responsible and take the time and energy to heal yourself?

One thing is certain; the greater my health, the more I love myself, others and life.

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