Wearing A Mask Is A Choice

I’m sure if the majority of people knew they had a choice on wearing a mask, some would opt not to wear it. Wearing a mask is not compulsory, mandatory, obligatory or any other word that implies you don't have a choice.

It’s this simple. If wearing a mask causes distress, makes you anxious, feels psychologically uncomfortable or labours your breath in any way, then you can rightfully and legally choose to be exempt.

No doctor, health advisor or medical exemption is needed, just a personal decision is all it takes.


Here is the link to purchase the exemption card. It can be shown to anyone who may ask like a shopkeeper, law official etc... https://hiddendisabilitiesstore.com/hidden-disabilities-face-covering.html


When I am out, I rarely have to show the card when asked, I merely say I’m exempt and that’s enough.

There have been many studies and experiments on mask wearing and the conclusion was they actually increase infections not lower them.

From my 20 years of health study and practice this is mainly due to the breath, which changes when a mask is worn. Breathing with a mask increases the likelihood of mouth breathing and some of us know that breathing through the mouth causes a sympathetic state. In layperson terms that is a fight or flight response that renders you in a survival mode and rooted in the emotion of fear.

Check out the short article on mask studies.

I personally choose not to wear a mask, as I do feel uneasy and distressed. Uneasy over the hypocrisy, deception and phoniness a mask portrays. Distressed due to the underlying intentions behind mask wearing and the very clear message that is being forcefully and cunningly conveyed. This is psychological warfare that is not only eroding our characters and spirits, but our rights and privileges to be human.

In my experience, wearing a mask is a form of humiliation that affects my identity. The action of partially covering my face, stunts communication, represses intimacy in connection to others and a very real sense of shame develops. It's as though I partially lose self-respect. I know I am giving myself away to false ideas that make no sense. This is shutting me down from life and it’s offerings of abundance.

I have been asked, "why are you not wearing a mask?" I replied, "I choose not to be dehumanized and relinquish freedom to express myself honestly."

It’s time to speak out and reclaim our sovereignty and our rights to be human. Throw away our masks and stand for what is morally proper and decent.

I have shared with others that they have a choice to wear a mask. They still continue to wear one ... why?

Maybe they are afraid of what others may think of them. Or it’s not what the lawmakers like to see. So they reluctantly continue to conform, albeit with resentment for not finding the courage to live their truth. Especially when they have a choice.

I do admit, it does take courage to go against society's ideals and stand out from the crowd.

I knew as a young boy, I would not follow the masses as I saw it caused stress, poor health and unhappiness. I do my best to live life beyond the constant dogma, incessant propaganda and not be a conformist just to please others. I choose to be ME!

It’s up to each individual to take back their power. Discard the masks when it causes humiliation and distress from unsubstantiated narratives. How could it not? Just the fact of being annoyed about wearing one is an indication that we don't agree with it. That in itself is a great truth serum to look within and choose otherwise.

I appreciate this article may trigger or offend some and delight others. Although I do believe if we see the underlying truth within those triggers and look beyond the narrative of the main media news, more of us would decide to be mask free.

There is daily mounting evidence that the majority of Covid tests are false positives.

Here’s an article by Dr. Mercola that blew my mind as to how the COVID tests are conducted to guarantee false positives. https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2020/12/18/pcr-test-reliability.aspx

In this article, COVID-19 Testing Scandal Deepens, by Dr. Mercola, it states, "...tests recommended by the World Health Organization are set to a CT of 45. These excessively high CTs guarantee the appearance of widespread (pandemic) infection when infection rates are in fact low."

Being mask-less would set a powerful precedent and symbolize a no nonsense approach in taking back our power. More so, overturn the excessive restrictions which are ruining our livelihoods and stripping away our human rights.

Our future is in jeopardy. Our freedom as we have known it to be is on the line.

There’s already talk that masks, social distancing and further restrictions will be extended until 2022. I believe it’s here to stay as a new way of life. I dare to quote the cliche, “the new normal.”

Who would've ever thought that life would be what it is now? What else will they do to get what they want? It is about absolute control on how we live our lives. This is nothing short of en-slavery with a big E.

We are in this quest for freedom together. If we are not aware, we will turn on each other, squabble and fight amongst ourselves. While the lawmakers are getting their way.

The general question which more people are contemplating as this pandemic continues is, "are they treating us fairly and do they have our best interests at heart?"

Deep down, don't you have a gut feeling there’s something “fishy” going on with this whole pandemic? Especially when you begin to connect the dots and put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Call me paranoid, a weirdo or mentally unstable. I would rather have this view and proceed with caution than be wholeheartedly sold on what the mainstream media tells me. One of the first lessons I was taught in life, don't believe all that you are told.

Decide to halt this power hungry assault and covert manipulation by legally using your right to be mask free!

At the very least, there’s more to it than meets the eye. As some might say it’s all smoke and mirrors!



Wayne Daniels is a comprehensive holistic health and exercise coach. His life purpose is to educate and bring a healthy lifestyle to every person offering valuable tools, simple practices and essential knowledge to maintain a pain-free and healthy lifestyle.


For a health consultation, contact Wayne by email wayne@danielshealthfitness.com