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What You're Missing In Your Workouts

The gym is the place most of us go to workout. Have you noticed peeps intensely working out with heavy weights? Most will push themselves to the edge of their capacity thinking it will gain strength, build muscle or lose weight. In reality, it is in detriment of their body.

Yes, it looks good, even impressive and inspiring. The outcome can be ugly. I have had many clients that were muscular and yet had back pain. That just goes to show how the outer muscles do not support the spine and joints.

You may say, "I do not do that kind of intense workout." People who work out with a more passive approach can end up with physical issues they wish they didn’t have. It may just take a wee bit longer to break down than the intense method.

The bottom line is, both parties are exercising incorrectly. Proper guidance and instruction are needed to avoid further decline.

Maybe you or somebody you know has been injured whilst exercising. You will know if the exercise is not right for you. Did the exercise feel stressful on the joints? The exercise can be just outright uncomfortable. There was faulty or improper movement mechanics being performed.

Anyone with pain, movement difficulties or poor posture has been exposed to incorrect mechanics. The secret to healing the body is building the inner muscles. Exercising inner muscles work in direct relation to your outer moving muscles. Or looking good muscles.

Without the two muscles group working in sync, the healing could not be remedied. Only way to heal is new movement patterns are introduced to activate those deeper inner stabilize muscles.

It makes perfect sense to recruit and involve the stabilizing muscles. For safe, efficient and restorative purposes. After all, the very injuries you seek to fix, were caused by lack of inner muscle activation.

Many of us suffer from distorted posture, pain syndromes, inadequate balance and reduced physical abilities. Those are a result from moving incorrectly. To create great posture, proper balance and eliminate pain, must access the inner muscles. All those physical issues can be rectified.

At a root level, this relates to decreased bio-motor functions. (flexibility, stability, balance, coordination, agility, strength and power). These seven functions are the foundational prerequisites for healing the body. Almost all the clients that I've worked with were deficient in their flexibility, stability and balance. Why? They all had inadequate inner muscle integrity. The inner muscle were out of commission and were unable to support the joints.

The Restoration Process

My first task is to assess your movement, posture, and overall physical abilities. This reveals the type of exercise and stretching program you need to restore these bio-motor functions.

Your current movement patterns manifested the issues you live with today. I will show you movements that the body hasn't experienced before. In result, will restore your posture, eradicate pain syndromes, and improve your movement.

One must start to build healthy bio motor functions. These are flexibility, stability, balance, and coordination. With the bio motor program's solid foundation, then we can build agility, strength, and power. The body can achieve good posture, coordination, joint stability, and muscle balance.

I design an exercise and stretching program specially tailored to restore the body. The program is to attend 2x weekly sessions for 12 weeks. In that time, positive change occur that can be quite miraculous. After 22 years of this work, I’m still blown away by the healing capacity of corrective movement program.

Believe me, it’s not easy to know how to move or exercise correctly without certain knowledge, specific techniques, and an open mind. Jumping right in and hoping for the best will amount in regression and further postural breakdown and injuries. Especially over the long term.

Changing deeply ingrained movement patterns takes time to shift. As it is a physical, mental and emotional process. Good news, I have guided many clients with this process.

In the instructional guidance, clients must be aware of two things. One, they must be mentally focused. Two, emotionally present to their movement experience within the body. Then with my external guidance and the client's internal discernment, we create a powerful healing relationship. After a few sessions they acquire the knowledge and tools to become their own movement guide. They have moved on to create a functional future.

It took me many years to perfect these human movement mechanics. I now masterfully convey them to you.

First by learning to heal my own body. Before I immersed myself into this restorative venture, I had two herniated discs, a severe hunched back and became quite infirmed. Countless people have been very surprised when I share how my body was before I began. Today, I am 52 years old and move like a teenager.

Exercise Principles

The best place to start with everyone, no exceptions, is with stability exercises. This means being on an unstable surface. Like an exercise ball (lying, sitting, kneeling, or standing). And on balance boards of various kinds. An unstable surface coupled with one leg exercises with or without the ball or boards are a good start.

Some clients, who have more severe physical conditions, may start with floor exercises. This decreases the weight bearing load on the spine, hips, or knees. Floor exercises are infant development moves, like crawls of various types and static postural exercises.

The floor exercises promote inner muscle activation. Weights and heavy lifting in the gym will not achieve this type of activation. Especially for a client who has more physical issues.

There are exercises for everyone, no matter what their physical condition. Whether you're in a wheelchair on crutches or challenged to stay on your feet. There is an ideal exercise to meet you where you are.

To Restore Balance

This exercise is amazing for restoring balance throughout the entire body. It's called the Alternating Superman. Will you be able to fly like Superman? Not really. What it will give your body is a good stretch, mobilization and other physical techniques. So you feel like Superman.

This static exercise activates;

  • The deep spinal muscles

  • Engages the hips and glutes

  • Challenges your stability to remain on the ball

Experienced Guidance

As I’ve learned, it’s all about meeting the client where they are within their mental, emotional and physical wherewithal. To enable me to consciously guide them from this point. A client will only receive or be asked to do an exercise that they can do. Resulting in real and consistent progress.

Remember, that old habits die hard. Changing deeply ingrained movement patterns take time to shift. Then it becomes not only a physical issue but a mental and emotional one too.

Exercise alone will royally screw you up. Regardless of how masterful your approach could be. For a well-rounded approach, stretching and mobilization are recommended physical techniques. These restore balance are part of the package.

I trust you have a better idea on how to approach your workout. Better still, get guidance from someone like me to teach you how. Then after some education you can step out on your own. You will leave with correct knowledge and safe movement practices. Achieving an enhanced quality of life and longevity is possible.


Complimentary Physical Discovery Session

(60-90 minutes)

Diagnose your current health challenges that are unseen. You will leave with a tailored restoration program to overcome those current challenges from the Physical Discovery Session. To claim your Free Session Call or Text Wayne at 07523109288


Wayne Daniels is a holistic health practitioner, spending 22 years studying and discovering whole body healing methods. Pioneering a healing program without surgery or doctor visits, Wayne has inspired and helped heal himself, his clients, family, friends and numerous others on a path of comprehensive health, fitness and healing.

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