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I offer phone, video, home visits or in studio sessions. These options may vary depending on the type of program(s). An extra fee may apply for home visit(s)

Physical Assessment


90 min physical assessment consists of muscle range of motion testing, postural and spinal measurements, analysis of movement abilities and physical conditions that may be present. I explain my findings, lay-out solutions and give you a complete overview of the potential possibilities and plan for restoration and healing.

The assessment is a prerequisite for the exercise programs.

If you suffer with back, hip, knee, shoulder or neck pain, or you have movement difficulties, adverse postural changes or even breathing and digestive challenges, this assessment is for you. At the very least, it’s insightful, educational and gives you valuable understanding on your conditions.

Watch a demo of the assessment ...


90 minute assessment


with a purchase of exercise program

You can proceed with this process with a home visit or in the studio. A video assessment is also possible, depending on the depth or severity of your challenges.

Assessment Demo Video

Stretching & Spinal Decompression

From the physical assessment, a comprehensive stretching and decompression program will be tailored to your tight muscles and joint restrictions. We then go through the stretches and decompression poses. Between 60/90 mins. I make sure you have a full grasp of each pose for you to take home and practice each day. You also receive an image and explanation of each pose for full retention.


1 session


6 sessions

at £52 each


12 sessions

at £47 each

Stretching and decompression poses (1:1) (ELDOA)

Personalised in studio or video sessions for correcting posture, eradicating pain and improving movement abilities.

If you suffer with a bad back, hip, knee, shoulder issues, neck pain, or have movement difficulties and adverse postural changes this program is for you.


Corrective Exercise 

This exercise program is an extension of the exercise ball and static postural program.You are able to experience exercises with a cable machine, bosu boards, various balance boards, weights and kettlebells, if applicable to your tailored program. These exercise tools enable you to progress further in your physical development and receive advanced healing.

A physical assessment session, via home visit or in the studio is required before commencement of this program. The assessment gives me full understanding of your physical capacity and conditions before we start. Get full details of the Esoteric Exercise Program.


1 session


6 sessions at £52 each


12 sessions at £47 each

In studio exercise sessions for correcting posture, eradicating pain and improving movement abilities. (Extra fee may apply for home visits)

Home visits will require you to own some of the aforementioned exercise tools. I can supply boards, some weights and kettlebells, but not a cable machine. Attending the studio will be the most beneficial as all the exercise tools are available.


Ball & Postural Exercise


Exercise is the foundation and bedrock for all other health and healing practices. Without it our life is incomplete.


If you suffer with back, hip, knee, shoulder or neck pain, or have movement difficulties, adverse postural changes or even breathing and digestive challenges, this exercise is a must.

This swiss ball class contains 20+ exercises which assists with correcting posture, eradicating pain, improving balance, flexibility, coordination, stabilizes joints to strengthen the muscles from the inside. The all important deeper postural muscles that build skeletal and nerve integrity. When the postural muscles awaken it enhances movement potential and also decreases organ stress. As organs contain your emotions, this can be understood as the emotional healing that takes place with these exercises.


1 session


6 sessions

at £52 each


12 sessions

at £47 each

In studio exercise sessions for correcting posture, eradicating pain and improving movement abilities.

Sessions will be held on video conference until otherwise notified. Ideally sessions will take place in the studio for form assistance. For the sessions online, you will need a swiss ball.


Embryonic Breathing

This is a healing practice that is solely focused on the breath. Over thousands of years, it is known that “breath is life” and the most powerful and influential part of the physical body.


The way you breathe, determines how well the millions of bodily functions operate moment to moment, as the breath is the origin and beginning of life. So all other physical and mental components grew from the breath. If the breath is restricted in any way, so is the body. Therefore changing the breath heals body and mind. (Breath sweeps mind)

It has been said by many wise beings that embryonic or embryological breathing is the secret to longevity and vitality. From Wayne’s personal experience, breathing is the most fundamental element of life and a practice that society has forgotten.

Embryonic breathing can assist with any known mental, emotional, physical and or spiritual challenge that exists, as the breath is the root of all.


1 session


6 sessions

at £52 each


12 sessions

at £67 each

Here is a further explanation and knowledge of the embryonic breathing practice and its potential. The Healing Power of Embryonic Breathing >


Diet & Nutrition

Anyone who has poor eating habits, low energy, sleep issues, and are overweight. This assessment data and overall understanding of where you are with your diet enables me to compile and lay out the recommendations for a new eating plan. We carefully and strategically go over what, when and how your eat.

To start you fill out a 7 day food diary and dietary lifestyle questionnaire to establish your eating habits, metabolic function and digestive conditions. 


4 individual sessions

This process is supported with written documentation and if necessary recorded sessions for enhanced memory retention. You can proceed via phone, video, home visit or in studio.


Reiki Energy Healing 

The word Reiki is from the Japanese word characters REI (spiritual or supernatural) and KI (vital energy). Reiki is a healing method where the practitioner’s hands are gently and strategically placed on different parts of the body to facilitate the body’s natural abilities to heal itself. The patient usually lays on their back in a relaxed state and visualizes the issues that need addressing. 


At an energy level, the deepest level we know of, spontaneous and immediate changes can occur. The universal energy is channelled into the patient for 90 mins.


Reiki is suitable if you have stinking thinking, emotional unrest, low energy or any physical ailments such as trouble breathing, digestive challenges and also helps with pain syndromes.


1 session

Sessions are 90 minutes. Home visits or in studio are advantageous due to our physical connection.

This does not require a physical assessment, although we will briefly discuss the challenges you are looking to heal so they can be addressed.

To get your personalised exercise program, call  Wayne today. 07523 109288

David H.

I worked with Wayne for seven weeks, and was truly transformed and put back into alignment on so many levels~ I lost a total of 30 lbs (while getting stronger) in my time with Wayne & another 10 lbs in the months following after going back home (to Indiana). In addition to the holistic lifestyle (nutritional, spiritual, emotional) the exercise and movement work bring it all together to create lasting and dramatic results-- It's hard to do justice to the work they're doing with these words in this review, but I will say that the experience, knowledge, & wisdom is guaranteed to change your life! The question is do YOU have what it takes to show up?!



Wayne and his program have completely changed my life! Total mind, body, soul integration. Not only do I feel better health wise, my aches & pains have gone away, but I can see my strength, balance & stability significantly increase.I feel powerful and more connected then I thought possible. On top of that he is a true healer mentally as well if you are open to his words of wisdom. I cannot say how grateful I am for Wayne and his work with me.

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