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How To Heal Your Body From Debilitating Pains, Enhance Your Health And Feel Reborn!


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25 Minute Free Health Training Video

In this video, you will receive the real truth to exercise and healing.


Do you ​experience back or joint pains? Finally, ​people over 40 will not have to feel lost, disillusioned and be responsible for their own healing rather than rely on others to fix them.

  • Wayne will teach you how to heal your joint pains without doctors, pills or surgery.

  • Know how "working out" can be harming your health.

  • Learn the best way to never get sick.

  • Get the inside scoop or a new and simple exercise and wellness method to make a big impact in the way you feel, move and look.

  • Why ​surgeries, drugs, and inexperienced trainers don’t work ​(And the much easier methods that still allow you to have good posture and move without restrictions​...​)

You're about to see overlooked secrets which DO make it easy to ​achieve enhanced mental and emotional balance, physically feel 10 years younger and eliminate any ailments.

You'll see why you can still become pain free​ even if​ you're low in energy, physically incapacitated, emotionally and mentally challenged. ​

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As a tennis player and after 12 sessions with Wayne, I was performing and feeling stronger and playing at the top of my game.

Tina, advid tennis player

With hundreds of clients that received benefit and a new healthy lifestyle, Wayne is sure to guide you into a whole new you! 

He will teach you how to ...

  • Stay away from sicknesses and diseases for good.

  • Get the knowledge of being a self-healer.

  • Learn the esoteric method and receive your tailored exercise and stretching program.

  • And how, within 12-weeks, you will be able to heal your body.

The first step is to register to watch the video to discover if Wayne's methods are right for you.


I started seeing Wayne in an effort to solve my knee arthritis problem, which was making it almost impossible for me to run. A few weeks later, the problem was completely gone and it has never recurred. If you want to feel healthier, run, don't walk to see my friend Wayne.

Greg C.

Wayne's esoteric method to healing and overall health has worked for many clients.


By seeing Wayne, his clients have ...

  • healed arthritis

  • eliminated migraines

  • fixed knee pain

  • avoided surgeries for hip replacements

  • and more ...

If you are dealing with any health ailments, joint pains or sicknesses, the first step is to register to watch the video.

Meet Wayne Daniels
Introduction - Wayne Daniels & The Esoteric Method
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Through 22 years of study and practice, I developed a comprehensive health, fitness and healing method that attracts hundreds of clients who are discovering a new vibrancy to their life. That is the most rewarding part of what I do.


- Wayne Daniels

In this training video, Wayne will go through details


  • on why doctors are not healing the body for the long-term

  • why esoteric movement is the key to healing your body

  • what is esoteric exercise and health

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Wayne Daniels is a genius. He will teach you how to use your body in a way you've never felt before. If you are tired of the mindless weight-lifting and want to learn how to really use your body to its full capabilities then Wayne is your guy. And not to mention all the me mental work you will get from Wayne. As you learn to control your body you will also learn the aspects of the mind. Thank you, Wayne!


Happy Student

I'm so grateful to have been connected to Wayne and have had the opportunity to work with him. Wayne is an incredible healer and trainer. His holistic approach to your personal journey and growth is truly the stuff of transformation, so long as you're willing to put in the energy and create the space for change on your end.


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